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siren resource

We′re ready to help serve the world, in partnership with farmers and customers, in processing plants, ports and packaging facilities, on the trading floor and on the move-all around the globe.

Siren is a leading agribusiness and food company with integrated operations that circle the globe, stretching from the farm field to the retail shelf.

We′re working on one of the world′s biggest challenges - how to ensure food security for a growing population in a sustainable way. Our over 3,500 direct and indirect employees contribute by helping farmers produce larger harvests, by ensuring a seamless connection between farmers and customers and among regions, and by producing high-quality products ranging from animal feed to consumer foods to renewable fuels.

In approximately 40 countries you can find Siren

  • originating oilseeds and grains from the world′s primary growing regions and transporting them to customers worldwide;
  • crushing oilseeds to make meal for the livestock industry and oil for the food processing, food service and biofuel industries;
  • producing bottled oils, mayonnaise, margarines and other food products for consumers;
  • crushing sugarcane to make sugar, ethanol and electricity;
  • milling wheat and corn for food processors, bakeries, brewers and other commercial customers; and
  • selling fertilizer to farmers.

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