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school of animation digital asia

School of Animation Digital Asia (SADA), has been a premier institution in Cambodia teaching world class digital animation courses like Maya, 3D FX and also is now entering into the animation industry in full flow. With a team of over 25 animators it will be one of the names to reckon with in the coming years in the field of 3D Animation.

Our objective is to have Cambodia & Indonesia as currently and in future can be coined as 3D Animation Cambodia and Indonesia, witnessing the current trends in the animation industry, where not only the nascent producers but as well the giant studios and animation producers look upon Cambodia and Indonesia for their animation production needs. SADA Production team is segregated under 2D animation, 3D animation , e-Learning and Flash Games, mobile games for smart phones like iOS and Android. SADA core strength is its highly experienced animators, profound in 2D flash animation, 3D animation and traditional animation techniques.

School of Animation Digital Asia team is skilled in pre-production activities viz 3D Walkthrough Animation, character design, character turnaround model sheet, character key poses, character lyp-synch model sheet, character color model sheet, storyboard design, Animatics and slug-in sheet on animation school in Cambodia.

SADA team under Flash games is skilled in developing flash based games, to be more specific, our team is quiet capable of developing 2D games single user, multi user games, Flash animated games. SADA teams up with a variety of Companies across the globe to create scintillating animations for the international market for the entire gamut of the Digital medium like movies, mobile, social media, PC Consoles, Gaming consoles etc.