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nest environ

The Nest Environ business operates in a vital and sensitive area of Civic Authority & Community participation. The operation has great impact on important issues like civic facilities, health, environmental pollution, social behavior, land prices, administrative functioning, and civic image.

Nest Environ uses green technology to RECYCLE Mixed Solid Waste into valuable green products. These high quality end products are suitable for commercial and industrial use, thus extending the value chain of Nest Environ environment friendly processes and initiatives


  • Zero Waste to Landfills
  • Green power from green fuel
  • Promoting and creating awareness
  • For better handling of waste
  • Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)
  • Biological Treatment (Composting/Anaerobic digestion)
  • Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT)
  • Advanced Treatment (e.g. enzymatic degradation)
  • Thermal Treatment
  • Landfill
  • 100% Green with Zero emissions into the atmosphere
  • Eliminates Incineration, which produces large amounts of pollutants such as Dioxins and Furans but no useful output energy.
  • No harmful emissions, bad odors or unsightly smoke stack.
  • Energy either as Syn Gas or Diesel continually available - 24 hours / 7 days a week.
  • High Output of Syn Gas per Ton of waste or Litres of Diesel per ton of plastics.
  • Technology guaranteed for 25 years.
  • Able to handle multiple types of waste simultaneously
  • No hazardous outputs or residue
  • Over 90% of waste converted into Syn Gas or Diesel
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Dramatic reductions in land fill requirements
  • Landfill sites can be reopened and the waste can be converted in an environmentally friendly manner into energy.
  • C6T technology meets and surpasses all US EPA and other critical emission standards.
  • The prolysis technology can be effectively used to convert existing coal or oil fired power stations, thereby making them MORE EFFICIENT and 100% GREEN



Our company holds the exclusive international rights to market and sell Advanced Recycling and Energy Recovery (AREC) Plants which constitute both Plastics to Diesel and Gas Pyrolysis Technology Plants on behalf of its partners based out of Europe and America.

Our partners hold the International Patent rights of both design and manufacture of the equipment necessary to complete the project.

Our plants use proprietary technology developed by our technical know-how partners, world leaders in thermal conversion. The Pyrolysis technology used offers multiple advantages over any other technologies and therefore cannot be compared to either Waste Incinerator or Plasma Gasification Plants.