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information technology

Information Technology

Sram & Mram Ltd is a multifaceted global technology company providing leading cutting edge solutions in diverse fields. We believe in the proposition that technology cannot be propagated if its potential to be utilized is restricted due to high technology costs, restricted protocols, architecture, rendering the product or service to be used in limited terms.

Sram & Mram Ltd is a global conglomerate with footprints across 5 continents.We develop cutting edge product, solutions and services in the following Industry Verticals:

  • RFID
  • Security Systems ( Homeland/Defence
  • Software Development using Embedded Technologies
  • Bespoke Product/Services/Solutions Development
  • Hospitality Management
  • Oil & Natural Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Infrastructure
  • Medical Technologies
  • Location Based Technologies/GIS
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Utilities & Energy ( Energy, Oil & Gas)
  • Solid State Lighting
  • Construction

We have been providing turnkey solutions and have completed global projects in 35+ countries worldwide.