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gems and jewellery

Gems and Jewellery

Strange as it may sound but our passion for Gems and Jewellery started way back in 1980s when we started trading in raw gems. But over a period of time we decided to have our own design and collections and started out dealing in gems embedded in silver wares.

We had the finest craftsmen working on various designs that would suit any hand, neck or ear and make her or him the finest. We decided to give the world the jewellery it deserved. We believe that anything can be compromised in the world except the quality of any metal. With our uncompromising quality and craftsmanship we want our work to be talked as a folklore across the globe. This vision was furthered by our team of enterprising leaders, who expanded the business by opening new horizons. This legacy of unapologetically making the customer the king still continues and shall continue forever.

We shall strive hope to transform ourselves into the most modern and innovative jewellery maker in the world. For over a decade now, our designs have been the maintstay and true to any ancient heritage. But that does not mean we focus on the past. Our road map is clearly future centric. We use a state of the art manufacturing unit that brings cutting edge innovation to jewellery making, putting the art and purity of the jewel above all else. We want to be the premium choice for any occasion be it the traditional daily wear or for any specific function which may include a womans most important day of her life. With a focus to enter the retail business soon, our stores will be staffed by highly trained personnel who ensure that every customer leaves our store completely satisfied.

Our presence as a premium jewellery maker will also be evident in promoting the concept of light weight gems and jewellery and the first to offer certified solitaire diamonds. Thanks to these and many other instances of innovation and commitment to excellence, we intend to be the world’s largest jewellery retailers in the coming years.