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embedded system

Embedded System

The core competencies of our company in the information technology domain will definitely be embedded systems and specifics will include RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).  Radio frequency identification uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags containing electronically stored information.  The objects may vary from simple carton boxes in a warehouse management to much complex solutions like passport inlays, documents, retail, implants in animals and people etc.

Sram & Mram Ltd has delivered large scale RFID systems at more than 35 countries worldwide.We have a very long track record of working very closely with Government ministries in providing different types of RFID systems.

We have delivered the worlds largest Electronic Toll Collection system in Turkey – the customer was the Ministry of Transportation. We have delivered Europes largest Document Tracking system in Croatia – the customer was the Ministry of Defense and the project was partially funded by NATO. We have delivered one of the Worlds largest Document Tracking system in Kuwait – the customer was the Ministry of Justice.

We have delivered a complex security and people tracking system for the recent G-20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey. Our system managed attendance and registration process for all statesmen coming from different countries. The solution was used by security forces, Government officials, Ministers, etc.

Even though we have not specifically provided an e-passport system, our company developed many unique custom made solutions for various Governments. Some solutions were even much more complex than a typical e-passport system. The closest system to e-passport system would be the document tracking system. As indicated above, our company delivered industries largest and most complex document tracking systems.