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Sram&Mram - an agrarian company with a vision to promote responsible farming and healthy living through creative, scientific and ethical methods and solutions.

Sram&Mram Agri Business Division has emerged as one of the largest business verticals of the company by growing, sourcing and delivering healthy, beneficial and finest quality agricultural and marine produce that can cater to the needs of the global food demand, incessantly. The company’s efficient and competitive supply chain is a resultant of its thriving R & D efforts.

Our main focus is on high production output, high nutritional density, low water footprint and low carbon footprint. Hence adopt dependable methods that results in significantly higher food produce that are defiant to climate changes, resistant to airborne and soil pests while conserving our valuable energy, arable soil and water supplies.

Our solution: The path-breaking Hydroponics and Aquaponics that promotes the CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) concept

Hydroponics - A scientific soil-less farming method that grows plants using a nutrient loaded water solution in the presence of sunlight or sunlight like source. Since nutrients are readily and constantly available, plants grow quickly and offers fresh produce all around the year. It virtually eradicates the requirement for pesticides and herbicides, making it a right choice for both the grown food product and the environment. The water remains in the system which can be reused as well. This eliminates the constant requirement for fresh supply of water. Use of this technique can also address the depleting arable land issue as it effectively makes use of indoor spaces.

Aquaponics – A combined method for growing plants (in a soil-less environment called hydroponics) and fish (aquaculture) in a symbiotic surrounding that take advantage of their benefits while eradicating the disadvantages of each. Plants obtain their organic food sourced from fish waste and the fish in turn get naturally filtered water from plants. The nitrifying bacteria are responsible for converting ammonia into nitrates from fish waste for the plants to easily absorb and grow.

Advantages of Controlled Environment Agriculture techniques:

  • When compared to conventional farming techniques, CEA uses 90% less water, 100% less soil and 50% less usage of energy
  • Repurposes unused/abandoned urban space
  • Little or no need of pesticides
  • Offers to the maximum of 600% higher agricultural produce as opposed to conventional farming
    • Year around production while maintaining unfailing quality
    • Supports speedy
    • Enables production of highly nutritious agricultural and marine produce

In other words, the controlled environment agriculture techniques help growing superior quality food, in huge amounts, in least available space and that too in a very sustainable manner.

Having three decades of expertise in the field of agriculture, our current focus is on exports and domestic trading of the following:

  • Farm Ingredients – Soya oil
  • Food Grains – Rice varieties such as Indian Basmati and Jasmine rice, Wheat, Pulses such as Black Gram, Cow Pea, Green Gram, Chickpeas, Horse Gram, Pigeon pea, Kidney beans, Corn, Barley & Maize
  • Dry Fruits – Cashewnuts, beetlenuts
  • Marine Products – Shrimps, Prawns, Fish both raw and processed
  • Fruit pulps – both fresh and processed

Farmer oriented approach

Sram&Mram’s unique strength lies in establishing strong links with the farmers and the farming community through contracts ahead of the actual produce. This is done with a motive to empower farmers without having to worry about capital amount, marketing hassles, price and seasonal fluctuations and various other issues related to farming. The company has made substantial investments and significant inroads in web-enabling the local farmer by creating internet kiosks in villages. The main objective to make the agrarian community embrace technology infrastructure, gain access to online information related to crop conditions, best practices, weather, ruling international prices and a host of other relevant information so that they emerge economically independent and successful.

Customer oriented approach

Innovation has been the core strength of Sram&Mram Agri business division which helps the company retain its prime customers across the globe and continue growing at an exponential rate. To support the initiative, our company’s procurement managers and handling agents all over the globe enable sourcing of merchandise at a very short notice while the logistics and warehousing facilities makes sure that there is no shortage of raw material and does not fall prey to seasonal vagaries. In addition to these, the company adheres to a strict quality control policy which is exercised at every stage of procurement, storage and distribution to ensure preserving the natural flavour, aroma and taste of all the agri products. Hence is setting trends in customer care in the commodity trading space. In the best interests of the humanity, we are ready to provide technical know-how and can offer consultancy services on the above mentioned subjects, upon request.