School of Animation, Digital Asia


School of Animation, Digital Asia was founded in the year 2003. The school was set up with the idea of transforming the artistic capabilities into quality animations and hence deriving quality animators. Gradually the school became the most popular and renowned hub for quality animation training, where students get the opportunity to explore, transform their imaginations into reality and come out with not just knowledge of animation tools & software, but also the overall big picture.

Overseas Consultants, engaged in education & educational consultancy services based in Kolkata for the last 12 years have strong functional relationship with a number of renowned universities and Institutes in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore and many other countries. Inspired by the success and for better application of experiences a separate body Overseas Education Trust has been setup with philanthropic and social objectives as well as to undertake more productive efforts in the field of education. School of Animation, DIGITAL ASIA is powered by Overseas Education Trust and related to several overseas unit, and as animation is a booming industry now, in future it can help students have ample scope for all out development.

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